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    You’ve got this idea for a book that’s been lurking in your head. It gnaws at you when you’re trying to work. You find yourself narrating the events inside your head and never writing it down. You loathe how often you hear yourself saying “If I had more time [or better writing skills] I would write that book.

    Hiring a professional ghostwriter to guide you through the process of creating and outline, writing a first draft, editing, revision and possibly publication can make the process less intimidating.

    With ghostwriting services, I break big projects – like your personal memoir or first work of fiction – down into manageable chunks. Together, we establish a realistic timeline so the project doesn’t feel like it’s dragging on forever. And nor does it force us to work through the night to finish it. Together, we’ll flush out your ideas and bring your writing dreams to life!

    Find out more about our fiction and memoir ghostwriting services.

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