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Articles & Blogs for Content Marketing


    Why do you need content?

    Because content is king.

    What is content marketing?

    In today’s business world, you don’t simply market your business with paid ads, whether print or online. You market your business with emails to clients, persuasive website content, online articles, social media posts, videos, podcasts and more. This is content marketing!

    Marketing a small business has changed to a customized, conversational approach, reaching your potential customers wherever they are in a style that matches both your audience and the platform where it appears. For example, an email to customers you already have a relationship with is different than a business or corporate blog.

    Content marketing can be an incredible chance to showcase your business – everything that makes it unique – and really demonstrate how YOU and you alone can meet your customers’ needs.

    But, for a small business owner, it can be overwhelming. How are you supposed to find time to write professional articles to share on your website blog, LinkedIn or other professional networks?

    The Write Hire can help with research-driven, industry-specific articles and blogs that shine a spotlight on your business. You’ll drive visitors to your website, grow your social media networks and enhance your reputation.

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